via Daily Prompt: Buff

I’m buffing my life. All of the ends have finally come together, and now they’re being polished. Everything was in the air, so I braced for the attack, but they all landed perfectly. I’m in a relationship. I have a job. I got in to everything I applied for, and I’m happy. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but then it fades away. I talked to a childhood friend today who I thought hated me for the first time in years. Those were the best three hours at work I’ve had so far.

I don’t know how life got to this point, but everything makes me smile. At work last week, I was sweeping, and the head of the broom fell off. I just started laughing. My co-worker started flipping out. He’s new too and a lot more stressed about it. I picked up the broom head and screwed it back onto the stick. This co-worker isn’t the smartest. He freaks out over the mistakes that everyone makes, but launches fruit at customers, swears in front of small children, and eats food in front of customers (which the employee handbook specifically forbids), yet he freaked out over a broom head falling off.

My childhood friend gave me some advice today. She said “Never talk to boys.” I responded with “It’s a little late for that.” She started smiling and demanded to know his name. My older sister was back. She had left me for three years, but in that moment she was back. I was on cloud nine. We played cards and talked the entire time, as there were no customers this evening. When I was on my way home this evening, I started to question what had happened. I started to believe she was just being nice because she had to and that it would be gone the second I left work. Then my phone buzzed.

Today was fun! See you this weekend

That single text banished all of my demons. Life had come full circle. My sister was back, and here to stay. These things all may seem so insignificant to you as you read this, but it’s the little things that really matter. Everything can fall perfectly into place and still be so rough around the edges that you’re scared to touch it. When your life is being buffed, all the little things round out those rough edges. Everything becomes manageable, and you find yourself excited for the future. I don’t know what will happen, but I trust that it will be great.


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