via Daily Prompt: Translate

I need an English translator. Not from Spanish, French, Chinese, or any other language to English, but from English to English. From thoughts to English. People are difficult to talk to sometimes. I can’t tell if they still want to talk to me or are getting bored with the subject. I can’t tell if I’m being annoying or energetic. Non-verbal ques are even worse. My roommate left. I don’t know if she’s coming back. Big Hero 6 was still on when she left. Now I’m a half hour into Finding Nemo.

These were the startings of a blog entry written when my roommate left the room to get some stuff printed for the following day’s activities with her committee. I was completely paranoid that she had left to tell her mom how annoying I was and that that was why she wasn’t coming back, that she would never come back and I would be alone. Considering the majority of her stuff was still there, there was no way this ever would have actually been the case, but I couldn’t see that. I only knew that I had felt abandoned. She came into the room just as I finished typing the word Nemo, so I quickly switched to word and pretended I was looking over notes for leading the discussion the next day. I turned off my computer a few minutes later, and quickly forgot about the post I was working on. After all, I would never want her to read that and think I was some sort of insecure freak (even if I am) and I need to keep my anonymous identity anonymous.

-A character in some of life’s stories



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