via Daily Prompt: Privacy

On here, my life is private, hidden behind a screen. If you knew me, you’d know that I had a ton of fun this morning because I was at a public speaking workshop meeting new people and coming up with the weirdest things for two truths and a lie. I’m an extrovert, through and through. My mind is in a strange state at the moment. I’m in study mode, so it’s hard for the words to come, but on the same note, once they come they don’t want to stop. I’m currently studying breeds of sheep, swine, goats, and cows because I felt humiliated at the last practice when I didn’t know any of them and I won’t let that happen again so I will study for hours a day. I will drive myself mad if I have to, but I will win.

It’s a weird situation. I have a slight crush on this guy from another county, and normal girls would try to talk to them, join the person’s friend group, etc. In this friend group at practice, I’m already friends with all of his friends, and yet I sit alone because I want to win. This doesn’t help at all though because I usually do better when I can be directly competitive and I think he’ll think I’m a nerd if I’m taking non-stop notes. I am a nerd though, and he’ll figure that out sooner or later, but I’m so much more than that. For starters, I’m also a basket case. I promised myself I would check my phone after studying swine breeds. I’ll be back in a minute.

When I said my life was private, I obviously didn’t mean private private. You know all of my inner thoughts and emotions, yet don’t know the exact event I was at, at that makes it anonymous, but really it’s more intimate than when you ask your best friend how their day was. It’s tricky to explain. I really just want to be studying right now. I have to beat my friends and prove that our county leader wasn’t wrong about me. I can’t let him down. He’s believed in me for the last decade and I don’t want him to stop now.


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