via Daily Prompt: Exposure

Leave me in the light just a little bit longer. Let me soak up some more of these rays of light so I at least have a tan to prove that I’ve been through good times when I find myself back in the dark, bitter cold. A nice tan may last only a few days, if that, before fading back to its usual paleness, but it will still show in the pictures. I know the clouds will return any day now, or I’ll simply lose the energy to keep going outside, but I don’t want it to. I want it to stay forever.

Sometimes, when it’s cold, it snows, and it brings about new possibilities and beauty within the bitter cold, but that hasn’t happened in a long time. Instead, it just rains, and not the good kind of warm rain that makes you feel like you’re in a movie. This is the freezing cold rain that shoves you inside all day and gives you headaches from the air pressure.

Leave me outside just a little bit longer. I can’t hide from the weather any more. Even if it is cold, I’ve been through colder. If it’s sweltering, then we’ll go to the pool, the harbor, or the beach, and life will be even better. We’ll go on hikes in the freezing rain and we’ll fly kites when it’s windy, but I’ll still run back inside as fast as I can the second I hear a rumble of thunder.


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