via Daily Prompt: Invitation

I don’t get normal invitations to birthday parties, weddings, baptisms, etc. I get invitations to fancy dinners to meet with the governor and other state officials. I might not have the largest friend circle at the moment, but I’m successful and I’m doing what I love. Would it be nice to be invited to normal social things more often? Sure it would, but I don’t need that. I have competitions, meetings, fancy dinners, and national trips. Would it be nice to have more friends or maybe even a significant other? Yep, but why bother? Just when you think someone’s chill she does something stupid.

There’s a girl in one of my clubs who is now on state council with me and invited me to her birthday party, which I couldn’t go to. I had a sleepover with her the other night…and found out she’s transphobic. My best friend is trans. I haven’t seen him since he moved 2000 miles away, but he’s still my best friend. I think my mom worries because I don’t have a best friend that I see very often or a best friend that is the same gender as I am (because conservative parental views that no guy can be your best friend unless he wants to sleep with you).

Sometimes it sucks to be alone at the top. It’s what works for me though, so while th-

A ladybug just fell from the sky and landed on my breast and it scared me. Now it’s trying to take a nap on the f10 key. And the ladybug is on the move. Esc, power button, back of the screen and out of sight so that it can scare me in another few minutes. Now at the top of the screen, cleaning its face. Apparently ladybugs do that with their front feet. Thud. Now the ladybug is on my floor and with a flap of its wings it’s gone again.

Anyways, sometimes it sucks to be alone at the top, but it’s what works for me. Everywhere else I’m dependent on someone else, and I hate that. Even at this point I am, but it’s a whole lot less. There’s a lot more resting specifically on my shoulders and not 10 feet above me, which is the way I like it. The other way. there’s nothing I can do about it because it’s so far up, yet the people who are actually responsible for it see it as being above me and therefore my responsibility, so when the rope breaks and it falls, I’m the one who gets hurt.

My brother has to take over a meeting as president when I’m at the dinner with the governor. They’re going to eat him alive. Other members won’t be there because they think basketball is more important. They’re going to see that they have to be more responsible and actually do what they signed up for. In some twisted ways I wish I could watch them suffer, but I’ll be too busy enjoying dinner with the governor and my other state council exec board members.

I hope they enjoy their happy little social lives while they can; all of the invitations, basketball practices, and parties they think are so much more important than actual responsibilities. There’s only so much longer their parents can pull the strings for them. One day those strings will snap and their corpses will be found at rock bottom.


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