via Daily Prompt: Pungent

The pungent odor of blatant stupidity plagues executive board meetings. The problem with working with average middle schoolers to plan a meeting is just that; they’re average middle schoolers. They don’t care about anyone else or the future, only about them, their popularity, and what is happening right now. She is nice, he is nice, though annoying because he’s my brother, and she is nice, so I am friends with each one individually. However, I hate them. Once they are a collective group, they are nothing but a middle school stereotype and I hate them for their stupidity and lack of direction.

When I was elected to the board, people told me I was too young. People even lied to me, making up rules that didn’t exist just to keep me from getting a position sooner. I said that age shouldn’t matter, and they threw back at me all the things these new board members do as reasons why I shouldn’t be allowed on. Yes, I did behave as a typical middle schooler at some points, but when placed in a position of authority, I would get my act together to accomplish the task at hand almost immediately. These children don’t. They have no responsibility or any leadership skills whatsoever and it disgusts me.

When people question their positions, they don’t look at that group and say “They are immature, they don’t deserve a position on the board.” Instead, they generalize an entire age group and say “This is why middle schoolers shouldn’t be allowed on the board. They’re too young and incapable of leadership.” That’s not true. That mentality raises kids who believe they don’t need to take authority seriously because they’re just kids, and it doesn’t change when they get to high school because they have no experience doing things any other way. It’s ridiculous and hurts everyone affected by it.

I used to love executive board meetings. Unfortunately, the pungent smell of ignorance refuses to fade, and I leave every meeting feeling sick. I just want to hide from the world after a meeting, and I am not okay with this. They need to grow up. I am sick and tired of hearing that they are just kids, sometimes from them themselves. It’s one thing when other people shove them behind that shield, but if they will choose to pick it up themselves, they should not have accepted those nominations. After all, children do not belong on an executive board.


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