via Daily Prompt: Liminal

I am in the liminal stages of resuming my place of authority. When I was a child, I was told that my name would be known all over the state, that I would hold numerous offices, and that I wouldn’t have to worry the slightest about college tuition. My county was in power in the state, and therefore, once I was old enough, the throne would be mine. Then, those people who were only a few years older than me believed they were entitled to that power without working at all for it, and respect for my county fell fast. They were working on pure charisma, and now that people can see the knowledge and skills, or lack thereof, that were behind it, those people are falling. The dozens of rocks each supporting a single limb of those people are all falling away, and soon those people will fall.

I am one of very few, if not the only one, who knows what our county used to be, knows why the next set of people failed in the end, knows the amount of effort this will take, and is willing to dive in wholeheartedly. I will not screw this up like they did. I am already a president, a vice president, and a secretary for three different clubs. I am a freshman in high school and already taking college classes. I am intelligent, passionate, and determined.. I may be in the liminal stages now, but just you wait, because failure is not an option. If my life touches yours in even the slightest way, you will know my name. You won’t know who I, the author, am because I am anonymous, but you will know my real name, without knowing it’s me. I am going to make it.


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