via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

3:35 PM

They’re coming. My cousins come to my house every year, on the day before Thanksgiving, and all there is surrounding it is negative anticipation. I’m always anticipating the moment things will go wrong. A small part of me hopes I’m worried for nothing, but that’s never the case. The youngest of them is the worst. She’s ridiculously inappropriate, has no boundaries, and acts as though she weighs nothing, though in reality she’s obese. She throws herself into people, grabs them, pins them to the ground, and sits on them, which with an eight year old of a healthy weight would be annoying but relatively harmless, but when she does it, it’s dangerous.

My little brother’s best friend is coming over too. I should probably warn her about my cousin, but that will be difficult. My father thinks the child is an absolute angel, and therefore despises any negative comments about her. I was nearly grounded the last time I told my mom I didn’t want to spend time with her because I was afraid she would injure me. I’ll have to find some way to tell my brother’s friend though. Maybe it will be for nothing and my cousin will have changed. It also may be entirely justified.

My brother’s friend is here. Thanksgiving dinner has officially begun.

11:00 PM

My anticipation was accurate. My cousin has only gotten worse. In the first hour she was here, she attempted to pole dance, twerk, sit on my head, pin me to the ground, wrap herself around my leg (which resulted in me nearly falling and cracking my skull the first time and into the fireplace the second time), and finally, slapped my butt. I wanted to cry. My brother’s friend was just as disgusted and afraid, so we decided we would go upstairs and hide in the classroom after dinner.

At dinner, my cousin ate butter. She didn’t eat it on a roll or a potato, she just got a spoon and ate it straight out of the container. I thought I was going to puke. Her sister told her that she shouldn’t do that and was literally eating straight fat, but my eight year old cousin’s response was “Stop fat shaming me!”. Her sister finally was willing to compromise at her eating the butter on a roll, but her definition of butter on a roll was much different than the norm. She picked up the spoon, split a roll in half, and began to glob spoonfuls of butter onto the roll, until she had a pad of butter about a centimeter thick covering the roll. She then put the other half back on it, and ate it like a sandwich. My stomach lurched when I saw the giant globs of butter all over her face.

Once dinner was finished, my brother’s friend and I got up to go to the classroom  for the rest of the evening. I felt a bit bad for ditching my cousins, but any regrets immediately vanished when as I was walking away, that awful child ran up and slapped my butt again. I locked the door the second we got to the classroom, and my brother’s friend and I talked for the rest of the evening.

Often times, people say negative anticipation will guarantee that you will have a bad time. In most situations, this is true, though anticipation can’t always be controlled, however, in some situations, negative anticipation can help prepare you and others for the sad reality you are about to face.


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